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My chihuahua stays on the slim side and actually won't eat everyday. My vet says she is absolutly healthy just picky. She is on Royal Canin Chihuahua food and seems to like it. Some of my friends have 5 chihuahuas and they feed them plain cooked chicken everyday with their meals and they are not over weight and are the healthiest chihuahuas I've ever seen. So I was wondering if it would hurt to add it to her food maybe once a week.
Of course! Just don't feed her too much at once or otherwise she won't eat her dog food.
Yeah, I feed raw chicken to my dogs a few times a week in the from of necks or wings and my cat gets a chicken neck or wing daily.
It's very good for their teeth and the protein/fat content.
If you feed wings or drumsticks please remove the skin though.
NEVER ever cook chicken with bones in it and feed it to dogs as the cooking process causes the bones to splinter which will hurt the dog possibly causing death.
Raw is fine though.
It is good for you give her cooked chicken in her dog food just don't give her chicken bones.
Plain, boiled unseasoned chicken without any bones would not be a bad treat. I would also remove the skin before you feed it to avoid giving her too much fat. A treat for her should be just a couple of bites worth. Just don't let her become so spoiled she will not eat dog food at all. A good dog food like yours is already balanced to give her the best nutrition.
2 of my dad's chihuahuas are eating chicken in front of me right now. He gives it to them as treats and they would kill for this stuff. The dogs stay in pretty good shape. I say go for it.
I think it would be fine. Or you can try wet dog food.
yes, they love it, its good for them
Chicken is fine as long as it is'nt fried..you can mix this with a little cottage cheese and noodles and that would be great for him..A few baby carrots a day for treats is very good also,no calories
Royal Canin Chihuahua only gets a 2 star rating and doesn't have sufficient meat content so it would probably be beneficial to add additional meat. The problem is that Chis can become picky and may only want to eat the chicken and will wait for it. Chis like all small dogs also have dental problems and it is best they eat a dry food. I would rather see you switch (slowly of course) to a higher quality kibble. My Yorkies (adults) do well on Taste of the Wild Wetlands formula.

Link to how Royal Canin Chihuahua is rated and why.
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