Poultry News from Europe

  Last Updated: Thursday 3rd of February 2011 02:29:00 AM +0800HKT

Chinese veterinary authorities have granted permission for the import of Polish poultry.

  Last Updated: Tuesday 1st of February 2011 02:18:00 AM +0800HKT

Cherkizovo (CHEq.L) (GCHE.MM), Russia's biggest meat producer, is counting on higher poultry prices from the second quarter, thanks to cuts in import quotas, a knock-on effect from surging grain costs and falling stocks.

  Last Updated: Tuesday 1st of February 2011 02:12:00 AM +0800HKT

Ukraine's biggest poultry meat producer, London-listed MHP (MHPCq.L), boosted sales of its poultry product by 21 percent to 331,400 tonnes in 2010, the company said on Tuesday.

"The volume growth was primarily a result of the phase two of the Myronivka poultry farm operating at full capacity (for the) full year. All the company's existing poultry production facilities operated at their full production capacity during the year," it said in a statement.

  Last Updated: Tuesday 25th of January 2011 02:19:00 AM +0800HKT

Russia expanded a pork ban from Germany to include poultry today, Chief Veterinary Official Nikolai Vlasov said.

The ban on poultry imports may end in mid-February, Vlasov said at a news conference in Moscow today. The ban on pork imports may end by April, he said.

  Last Updated: Wednesday 8th of December 2010 04:57:00 AM +0800HKT

On January 1, Russia introduced new sanitary standards, banning the treatment of meat with chlorine of a higher concentration than in drinking water.