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I'm thinking of getting a few chickens for their eggs. What breed is the best for that sort of thing? What do you know about that breed? Are they aggressive? Are they fairly low maintenance? Where do they tend to live? (any certain part of the country?) What can you tell me about them?

If you can answer any one of these questions, I'd be super grateful!
We have Rhode Island reds but the most dependable are Leghorns. There is no difference between white and brown eggs except the color but we keep the reds because my husband is a nut and likes the brown eggs.

You can read all about the breeds here;



Hens are generally not aggressive but roosters can be. Roosters feel that it is their job to protect their hens and will usually die defending them. You don't need a rooster to get eggs so there is no point in getting a rooster unless you want to make your own chicks.

Good luck
Well, do you want white or brown eggs? The best for white eggs are White Leghorns. They lay 1 egg almost everyday. They are fairly thinner then other breeds so they would eat less.That is the hens that commercial layers use. They are easy going nice birds. If you get them young pet and hold them. Farm fresh eggs taste a lot better & are very fresh. When you buy them from the store the eggs are already @3-4 weeks old.
As for brown eggs, I like the Rhode Island or New Hampshire Red, Sex-linx and Barred rock. They are very friendly( I pick my chickens up all the time). They are very friendly.
If you buy them as young chicks, remember it takes @4-6months before they start to lay eggs. You don't need a rooster to get eggs. Pick them up & pet them. This helps them be even friendlier. Really any part of the country you can have chickens. When the climate gets cold make sure they have shelter from the cold & check their water often to make sure it hasn't froze. They need a little more feed in winter. If it's hot make sure they have plenty of water at all times & a place with some shade.
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