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not so much.

vegiterians do not eat meat if you are part time you are eatting meat

well i didnt read all of the article because i just dont feel like reading it
but i want to say that a "flexitarian" or "part-time vegetarian" is absolutly ridiculous
us true vegetarians dont take a brake or take weekends off

i dont think its fair that i have dedicated part of my life to sumthing and somebody else who does not even care or feel passionate about it can just decide to be "part-time"
( =

Oh my word. Why do such terms need to be created to describe someone who eats meat less often than the general populace? Should we coin a new term for someone who eats meat 50% of the time - a half-tarian? Should I coin a new term for me... I drink water 90% of the time but I sometimes drink freshly-squeezed orange juice. Does that make me a flex-aquatarian?

flexitarianism is not real. If it was real it would be a half assed attempt at vegetarianism.

you can't be half pregnant.
you can't be half straight.
you cant be half vegetarian.
you either are, or your not!!!

you see where im going with this?

People can call themselves whatever they want, consider themselves whatever they want, live their lives however they want. Within reason.

How other people look at them based on facts, their own and generally accepted definition of what is, is another matter. The validity of something is not necessarily based on fact but on general acceptance. For example, the concept of the existence of ghosts. many people believe in them so much that is has become a part of human culture. But it does not necessarily mean they are actually real. Perhaps one day the term "flexitarian" will be popularly acceptable, perhaps not. But people who call themselves "flexitarian" have the right to do so whether you agree with it or not.

the term "vegetarian" itself was a relatively recent term. I think it was coined only in the late 1800s. I'm sure it met a lot of non-acceptance and even ridicule back then too.

Yes. People are entitled to eat whatever they like. Or does that only apply to vegetarians?

no. you can't be a part time vegetarian. you are either a vegetarian or your not a vegetarian.

vegiterians do not eat meat if you are part time you are eatting meat ....????
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