Poultry Articles on Oceania

Fiji poultry producers Rooster Poultry opened a new breeding shed in Qalitu near Lautoka yesterday which will add 630,000 much-needed chickens to the local market by June this year.

The Navuso Agriculture Institute is aiming to build the biggest chicken farm in Fiji within the next three years.

Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) had been trying to work with the grassroots rural people to help them improve, food security, self-reliance and sustainable livelihood.

Sow crates are going but life for our more than three million battery hens doesn't look like improving any time soon. Battery cages are banned in Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands as the European Union moves to `enriched cages', but Germany is to ban even those. New Zealand standards are lagging behind. Sarah Harvey takes a look at barn egg farming.

A spokesperson for the New Zealand Jewish community has defended the practice of shechita, saying the country has a double-standard when it comes to the killing of animals.