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Cooling pad:Angle of corrugation  :45, 15Angle of corrugation  :45, 45Height of cooling pad corrugation  (mm): 7We can manufacture  any size as special requirementBig evaporation, cooling efficiency above 80%. No surface advice agents, absorbing water naturally, diffusing..
Nipple Drinking System:Birds can drink from 360 degrees,High quality PVC tube.
ECO- BAC for Effluent treatment - A mixture of five microbes for effective treatment of sewage water, sludge, and reduction of COD, SS and odour (Ammonia and Hydrogen sulphide), treatment of animal housing in pig and poultry.
this automatic poultry feeder for chicken and turkey is based on a system of feeders from which the chicken/trukey can be fed from the first day and during all their life.this chicken feeder pan counts with a special device that allows the feeding of one day old chicks, avoiding the waste of feed..
    * Animal feeding, feed additive, prue herbal extract / powder preventing and curing various diseases (stinky, apisotia, diarrhea), enhancing immunity.    * Ingredients: green tangerina peel, costustoot, coptis root, baical skullcap root, ratix gentianae,..
The best accuracy on breeder feeding.birds can be fed at the same time with same amount of feedstuff,in good quality and have been exported to many foreign countries
1.The wet curtain and fan cooling system is widely used in many places,it is the most effective cooling way for large size house,for example textile shop,cloth make shop,chemical plants.electronics factory. 2.Frame used of advanced automatic  processing  technology ,high..
chicken leg rings plastic material in different colorsthis chicken leg bands size is suitable for chicken legs it is helpful to make difference with other chickens out diameter: 19mm
Using the brandname Multifan, Vostermans Ventilation manufactures a wide range of products for ventilation in the agricultural industry and for industrial applications. Products with a constant high quality level, well known throughout more than 70 countries. The axial fan Multifan is known and..
Drive device has stable running, low noise and long service life. Feeding and distribution process are controlled automatically avoiding feedstuff wastes; Large crossbeam adopts arc structure with high bearing ability and low deformation. At present, max span of materials carts is 4 lines..