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Poultry equipments Regulator to control the quantity Yellow color
the poultry transport cage is in yellow colorthis plastic poultry cage for transporting chickenssize of chicken transport cage length 79 * width 59 * height 28 cm its part can be disassembled to pieces, so easy to be delivered. it is also easy to handle plastic material is pure, so its quality..
Automatic Drinker For Poultry
The poultry drinkers can be used for baby animal drinking, and other small animals.soft pet drinker can make it easy to get water. this animal nipple drinker is durable due to its pure copper, as well as stainless steel inner stick.
The Mf-Net line is an open modular control system for various applications. By means of simply adding various modules together, you can go from stand-alone controllers to high solution, integrated control systems. The in-and output signals from main controllers and power units are easy to connect..
Yellow color Stainless steel parts Good impact-proof and flexible performance, so its stableness is high; Consistently supply clean water. It does not leak, so the ground will not be wet; It increases the effective area on ground, so the place for domestic poultry to move around freely can be..
Model No : DN05 Minimum Order: 10 000 pcs Specifications:       1) Material: stainless steel parts 2) Bracket diameter: 25mm       3) Weight: 17g  
Fan for poultry & pig equipment
Our egg production cage system include, special feed container for each floor with automatic closed bucket system, automatic nipplle water distribution with water pressure regulating reservoir or regulator system, lockable cage door, manure discharging system, we are think everything for chicken..
CFP microcomputer automatic incubatorColor steel plate and removeable shelf for putting and turnning eggHold egg amount: 352Service voltage: 220V/50hzaccuracy of control temperature: ≤ 0.1Heater power :100Wunit size: 730*600*1100(mm)1.The egg hold capacity of dual-purpose equipment of..