Egg Collector (Stride Type)

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Ladder Type Chicken Feeding Equipment
As main products in this industry, feeding system, eggs collection system and scraper type feces cleaning system are adopted with easy operation, high productivity and high profit, fit for large scale egg-laying chicken house.
1. Ladder type coop has stable structure, firm performance and has been dipped in zinc under hot state, service life can be 15 to 20 years.
2. Automatic feeding, water drinking, feces cleaning and egg picking, central management, automatic control, energy-saving, materials-egg output rate is lower than 2.2kg/kg
3. Automatic feeding system has reasonable structure and can adjust feeding amount according to practical state.
4. Automatic egg collection system is high efficient system researched by our company and it can enhance automatization and efficiency of production, save labor force and lower egg breaking rate to lower than 0.8%
5. Adopt scrapper type feces cleaning with high efficiency and less pollution.
6. Adopt cycloid type speed reducer as drive force with stable running, low noise and long service life.
7. Choose top-grade egg collecting belt which is wearable and has long service life.

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