CFP microcomputer automatic incubator

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Shandong, China
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CFP microcomputer automatic incubator

Color steel plate and removeable shelf for putting and turnning egg

Hold egg amount: 352

Service voltage: 220V/50hz

accuracy of control temperature: chr(8804) 0.1

Heater power :100W

unit size: 730*600*1100(mm)
1.The egg hold capacity of dual-purpose equipment of hatching and keep growers conclude the total amount of hatching and keeping grower.
2.The product price includes the main control equipment,tank body ,accessory equipment,incubator tray and the tray for keeping grower of the machine.
3.The egg hold amount is standard as egg.Compared with egg amount,the amount of duck egg is 80%, gooes egg is 40%ll egg is 115%.The equipment is matched with all kinds of incubator tray.
4.The price of dual-purpose equipment of hatching and keep growers is the same as the hatching equipment.Two-thirds is hatching while one third is the same as three-fourth to one-fourth.
5.CF(Top Grade) Microcomputer Automatic Hatching Equipment adopt the technology of microcomputer intelligent control.The body is tank type within removable shelf for putting eggs and the shell is sealed with aluminum alloy.It can be circularly used for hatching and keeping growers at the same time.

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