Chicken business raises hope at Dordabis

Gys Joubert, the owner of the Farm Autabeb at Dordabis, has donated three hectares of land, two buildings and a water tank to the Youth Against Crime (YAC) group.

The land will be used for poultry farming and the planting of vegetables to generate income for the group and wider community of Dordabis.

YAC was established in 2008 by members of the Namibia Women's Health Network. Youth Against Crime is an attempt to address the challenges of unemployment, alcoholism and gender violence faced by the youth in this small town. Most of the roughly 1 500 people living at Dordabis are unemployed or only seasonally employed by local farmers.

Since its inception the YAC has recruited 16 youths in the community. The YAC has served a variety of functions, such as informing young people about HIV-AIDS and civic rights, as well as improving the reading and writing abilities of its young members.

The YAC has also improved the practical skills of its young members through activities such as photography, drama and theatrical training.

Joubert and his family have been actively involved with the Dordabis community since buying the farm in 2000. Joubert's wife has raised over N$100 000 to build a primary school which now has 40 children.

When Edwina Pieters, founder of YAC, approached Joubert about the possibility of donating a piece of land he did not hesitate.

"I appeal to the youth of Dordabis; let's take hands and make this work, but we need to work together," said Joubert.

"We, the youth of Dordabis, want to improve our living standards with income-generating projects like these," said YAC member Naftali Ekandjo.

USAID and Agribank are funding the poultry project and the first chickens are expected to arrive today. The Ford Foundation is responsible for the skills training.

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