Rising costs push egg tray prices to Sh6500

Poultry dealers have raised the prices of poultry products, citing rocketing cost of production among other problems affecting the business.

A group of over 50 major poultry farmers in the country said the resolution was a result of the increased export of maize grain to Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania, a feat that had forced many farmers out of business.

"The grain export has caused shortage of maize brand for production of chicken feeds. Only in the last two months, the cost of production has gone up by 60 per cent, rendering the farmers not competitive in the market," the farmers lamented.

Under their umbrella body, Poultry Association of Uganda (PAU), the farmers made the outcry during a meeting to discuss the high prices of grain at Lugogo.

"Because of the increase in raw material pricing, we have resolved to raise farm-gate prices for a tray of eggs from the current Shs4,800 to Shs5,500 and broilers from Shs5,500 to at least Shs8,000," said Mr Aga Sekalala (Jr), the managing director of Ugachick. But in the market, a tray of eggs costs Shs6,000 while other shops are selling it at Shs6,500.

The poultry farmers also demanded government's urgent intervention in ensuring that only milled grain is allowed for export.

"We have also resolved to lobby government to ban exportation of grain," said Mr Sekalala who chaired the meeting.

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