Ukraine's largest poultry meat producer sees 20% increase in sales

Ukraine's biggest poultry meat producer, London-listed MHP (MHPCq.L), boosted sales of its poultry product by 21 percent to 331,400 tonnes in 2010, the company said on Tuesday.

"The volume growth was primarily a result of the phase two of the Myronivka poultry farm operating at full capacity (for the) full year. All the company's existing poultry production facilities operated at their full production capacity during the year," it said in a statement.

MHP said last month it had increased poultry output by 26 percent to up to 360,000 tonnes in 2010. In 2009, MHP, which focuses on production of meat, grain and other food goods, produced 285,000 tonnes of poultry meat.

MHP also said it was likely to maintain its 2011 poultry production at last year's level. The company said it planned to invest about $350 million in 2011 in construction of its new poultry complex in central Ukraine, which could help the company to boost production.

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