KGA aims to improve poultry skills in the Solomon Islands

Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) had been trying to work with the grassroots rural people to help them improve, food security, self-reliance and sustainable livelihood.

KGA, a non-government organization also plays a major role in the rural developments of the rural people.

Through the support from the AusAid fund, KGA has implemented a number of projects to assist the rural livelihood program.

Within the program, there are about eight components and one of the components is the Small Livestock.

Last month from the 23rd – 26th November, KGA had conducted a pig and poultry disease skill training for agriculture teachers, farmers and youths who can be able to providing skills training to other rural farmers.

Fifteen participants from Vella La Vella, Ranongga, Gizo, Kolombangara and Vanga RTC attended the training.

The intention of the training workshop is to improve the skill of farmers and teachers to train other rural farmers to know more about domestic disease in the tropics.

During the training the participants learn a lot in trying to identify the cause of disease and how to prevent animal from getting sick.

They learn the process of history taking when the problem occurred directly or indirectly with their local animals; the training is more on practical and less on theory.

The same programs will also targeting the isolated areas in Guadalcanal, Makira and Temotu, where pig and poultry is the means of income for livelihood.

The same skill training will also be implemented with farmers in livestock with our current partners in Malaita and Choiseul respectively.
For any interested Livestock farmers who wants to know more about animal disease especially pig and poultry, can visit the officers at Kastom Gaden headquarter office at Burns Creek, East Honiara.

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